You Live in My Heart

In my mind I see perfection Not a single inch of your skin is not worth my attention Your kinky African hair is simply fulfilling The way your body moves, as if you are swaying Never has a human been so mesmerizing Not just one in a million, but a million pieces of beauty in […]

Let us hitch this ride

Moments never last forever Days come and go Years have passed since time immemorial So let us be Now that we are here Hold my hand and let us hitch this ride I can’t promise paradise But I will do my best To make this the voyage of your lifetime It’s not a space tour, […]

New Chapter

So, I turned the page for a new chapter Unconsciously, I looked, not sure what I was after That is when I saw you Not just you, I saw everything, all the way through Deep inside me I knew That this is what I was looking for, something rare and new Radiating from your face, […]

Poor me

I never seem to get the chance Every day, every time, I choke on your fragrance As though that is not enough, you image never leaves my mind I wish I could have yo tag along in the tide Every time I think of you I think I am going crazy Just when I think […]


Fear is one of the greatest hindrances to achieving goals in life. When life throws challenges at a person, fear of losses bound to be incurred cast doubt on plans made. The risks posed are magnified, all of which happens in the mind. In all of an individual’s assets, their power of imagination is a […]

I have a story

I have a story From when all I did was worry Into living at my pace Leaving the scuffle and starting my race I finally embraced myself Picked my crumbled self and put my fears on the shelf I can now wear my scars And keep going since it’s all that matters I took a […]

Your beauty.

Your beauty in not just what they see It is not only that pretty face on you Deep inside of you a light glows Shedding rays of light off, through your life It is that shining spark inside of you The happiness that lives within you The smile that never gets to your lips You […]

You left

You walked out Left all we had built scattered, left with no doubt The future we dreamt of and hoped to achieve We had planned for a lifetime vacation but you decided to leave Through the storms we had fought Our dream, you never gave it a thought Not even my tears You left me […]


As I stumbled deeper into the darkness I knew the end was nigh Laden with regrets from my whole life I felt myself sinking even deeper I was too late There was no turning back I had fell for the fairy tale The promise of greener pastures on the other side Turned out they were […]